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Evergreen Official Tour

Evergreen Official Tour


About Us

Based out of Camp Charis in Chilliwack, BC, 

Evergreen offers week long overnight camps for kids aged 8-12, or going into grades 3-7 at the time of camp.

We also offer an LTD (leadership, training, discipleship) program for teens aged 13-15 or going into grades 8-10.

Facilities include:

Dining hall and lodge

Campfire pit

Ropes course



Foosball, air hockey and ping pong

Swimming Pool

Field games

Beach volleyball



...and more! 

This year, our theme is 'Out of this world!"

We're excited to see your various costumes for our theme dinner.


Grounded in biblical teaching,

our camp exists so that kids might know Jesus Christ,

and develop real and authentic relationships 

while growing into their full potential, to become the

next generation of leaders our world needs! 




[First year camper]

"I didn’t want to go to camp. When I first came to my cabin – Cabin 12 – I wore amask and pretended to be happy. But then I decided to stop pretending, and let down my mask. Leaving Cabin 12, I now feel God is with me!"

"Throughout camp, I have learned that God is very close to us. I want to say that I have never felt as connected to God as I have this past week! I am happy I have learned more about Jesus and God."


Our Vision Statement

Camp Evergreen exists to strengthen and establish God-centered relationships amongst kids, teenagers, and young adults alike. 

Our goal is to introduce children aged 8-16 to their Creator through immersion in a high-energy, distraction free, uplifting environment that emphasizes God's presence and love. Campers will experience first hand a clear presentation of the gospel through our camp speaker as well as through genuine relationships formed with cabin leaders, and those in leadership throughout the camp setting. 

Our hope is to deepen children's knowledge of, affections for, and allegiance to God. Children will be introduced to a loving God through dynamic chapel services, and our camp speaker, as well as through daily interactions and encounters with cabin leaders and staff through a variety of activities provided by our camp program staff.


Our leadership programs for older children and teens will emphasize our call to living like Christ, embracing the path of the servant  that He modelled for us. This will happen through daily classes and assignments, practical experience, and individualized mentorship from our leaders.

Youth will be given increasing opportunity to step into leadership roles as they move through various levels our our leadership training program, while working closely with those above them.

Above all, we exist to make Christ known to kids, youth and young people alike, and believe in the power of camp to transform empower and equip young people to live out the fullness of the life God has designed them for.

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